Japanese Tsumami-zaiku Craft Therapy

Make your one-and-only upcycle fabric flower bloom by hand!  No tweezers needed. Exclusive to Active Hive from Palette Japan!

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This exclusive, unique and precious Japanese Upcycle Craft Therapy Kit is specially curated in-house as part of holistic wellness and healing therapy.   It’s a pity and wasteful to discard these beautiful fabric and let’s make the beautiful fabrics bloom together with this special DIY craft kit where the  Japanese fabric used are of slight defects, according to the “Chusen Dyeing” tradition of Sakai.  But when cut up into smaller pieces, and carefully,. patiently glued together to form the beautiful flowers, the fabrics are given a new lease of life!

You can easily experience the traditional craft of “tsumami-zaiku” with our unique tweezer-free technique. In addition to the fun of handcrafting, this handmade kit is designed to preserve traditional craftsmanship and the environment. Since the patterns are cut into small pieces, each piece is different, allowing you to create your own unique flower.

Tsumami-zaiku” is a traditional craft passed down since the Edo period. It is a technique of combining small fabric pieces by folding and pinching to create flowers of the four seasons, etc.

“Sakai Chusen Dyeing” is a technique where you color fabric by pouring dye over it. It is designated as a national traditional craft.

You will enjoy great satisfaction by completing your own zero-waste upcycle craftwork and the beautiful is great accessories as a brooch, as a hair accessory, bag accessory or to attach to your beautiful hats, or simply as a wonderful gift to someone special!

Working on crafts as a form of therapy is ideal for:

  • Stress reduction
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Blissful satisfaction and contentment
  • Part of holistic wellness to explore art as a form of healing
  • Improve motor, sensory and visual skills
  • Improve attention span and overall cognitive function
  • Discover inner passions and talents
  • Applicable to all age group (Children under age of 10 to be guided by an adult)

Detailed instruction provided in the kit.

You can also attend our class to make it on the spot with our certified therapist and instructors, either one-to-one to in a group of maximum 15pax for a complete holistic session.  Email enquiry@activehive.com.sg us or Whatsapp 9236 4678  to enquire.

For bulk orders, please email to enquiry@activehive.com.sg.

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