Yoga Instructor – Mohita

Mohita is a dedicated instructor, deeply passionate about yoga. Her mission is to guide her students in uniting their minds and bodies, promoting holistic well-being in both physical and mental aspects.

In her classes, Mohita skillfully combines various elements of Hatha yoga, including asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Her expertise is further bolstered by her 100-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga instructor certification.

Check out her schedule and book your package now to attend our variety of Yoga Classes. You can book a Pay-Per-Session ($33) or our value-for-money packages and enjoy great privacy with our small niche group yoga classes (not more than 9 pax) for the best attention given to you.

  • Our classes are suitable for beginners to intermediate level.
  • Seniors 60 years above are also encouraged to attend the yoga class for seniors.  They can also attend the other classes depending on their fitness/wellness/ health conditions, as advised by doctors, or they can sign up for personal yoga session for dedicated attention.
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  • 10 Yoga Group Classes –  with Freebies of 2 Wellness Sessions* and 1 Body Composition Analysis  worth $99
  • 20 Yoga Group Classes – with Freebies of 4 Wellness Sessions* and 1 Body Composition Analysis  worth $170
  • 40 Yoga Group Classes – with Freebies of 6 Wellness Sessions* and 1 Body Composition Analysis  worth $241
    *Choose from either Group Yoga Class or Minus Calories 30min Near-Infra Red Detox Workout. 

Our Yoga Packages allows your to attend all of our yoga instructors’ classes for your total well-being and healing.

Embark on a transformative journey toward a happier and healthier you with Mohita! Experience the added benefits of privacy and personalized attention in our small group yoga sessions. 

Each class can be tailored to each student’s need as much as we can as we provide poses variations suitable to the person’s needs and capabilities, so that you do not have to worry about not being able to perform certain poses.  You just need to start somewhere and keep on moving and working  on it, safely and most importantly enjoy the process, enjoy your yoga journey with us.