Ladies Only

Who is suitable for Minus Calories workout and our personalised Yoga Sessions?

Our specialised programme is designed especially for ladies only, for complete privacy and peace of mind. Each session caters exclusively to 2 lady clients only.

Our workout caters to girls and ladies for all stages of their life (from 12 years old onwards) ensuring workouts are easier, attainable, sustainable and safer. Along with this workout, our studio caters to the individual ladies with personalised nutrition and diet advice, yoga therapy and yoga workout sessions for a complete wellness regime.

Cleanliness & Hygiene
Our premises, especially high touchpoint areas are sanitised daily to ensure a hygienic and clean environment. Hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes are provided to clients to wipe before and after using equipment and touchpoints areas.

We are a stand-alone studio and there is no central air-conditioner which might increase the risk of air-borne transmissions.