Girls or ladies can be underweight since a young age.  Beside being hereditary,  our main worry is It may be  due to peer pressure to look slim and good and many girls especially during their teenage girls will want to look good and went on unhealthy methods of losing weight with crash or fad diets, under-eating, popping slimming pills  with some eventually developing bulimia or anorexia that are extremely dangerous to the health state and life-endangering.  Even over-exercising is a concern.  This problem can also happen in any age group as well in the female adult stage.

underweight anorexic

Most importantly, at the developing stage during teenage years, girls who are into this phase will experience the following health concerns due to lack of proper nutrition and exercise:

  • Menstrual and fertility issues, irregular periods
  • Weakened immunity system and more prone to illnesses
  • Lack of energy, lethargy
  • Fragile bones, weak teeth and gums
  • Delayed growth and development
  • Anaemia
  • Hair Loss

It is important to advocate healthy eating habits combined with proper exercises to maintain a healthy weight and toned body.  We believe in looking fit rather than slim.

At Active Hive, we will counsel our young girls on the appropriate and safe methods to exercise and have a balance diet in a safe all-female environment with no peer pressure due to the exclusivity and privacy in our studio, attended to by female-only Wellness Coaches.

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