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I had the pleasure of teaching yoga to Ms Agnes for about three years. On day one, she struggled a lot to perform even the simplest yoga techniques due to her health conditions like neck pain and stiff body. From the first day of her class, Agnes has impressed me with her passion, commitment, hard work and discipline.

She has been very regular and active not only in her yoga practice but also on social media, posting her day-to-day progress, and that has really impressed many colleagues, friends, her family and me.

Through consistent practice, she has overcome her health conditions, fear and difficulties in attempting yoga poses.

I know how difficult it is for someone to start yogasana practice in the age of 50. However, having steady, regular, long-term practice in a right direction can help one achieve anything in life. We always say, ‘age is just a number’, ‘never stop learning’, and Ms Agnes is an advocate of all these as she is always keen to learn and relearn. She has completed diverse yoga courses and continues to do so. This makes her a qualified yoga teacher.

Apart from her growth in yoga, she is indeed a wonderful, humble and caring lady. I’ve witnessed that all colleagues and classmates enjoy her company.

With her passion in yoga, I am sure she will sincerely assist many people with her yoga expertise, experience and enthusiasm, sharing her benefits with many others.

I’ve no hesitation in recommending her for yoga teaching to anyone who would like to kickstart his/her yoga journey.

I wish her all good for her yoga journey!

Dr. Kuldeep (Unika Yoga and Therapy)

Testimonial by Dr. Kuldeep

A private space to workout. Very patient and kind instructor.

Joanna Ling

It’s a nice and clean place to exercise. I like how I can have a private space to myself. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

Jasmine Yap

Very helpful session with Agnes to alleviate back pain, stretch hamstrings and improve leg strength.

Sasria Aditya

Agnes has been wonderful the entire time, friendly and warm. I enjoy going for the workouts and its privacy made it comfortable for me especially during this period of time

Charmaine Sng

I am quite lazy but Agnes would take time to msg and remind me it’s TIME TO EXERCISE 😁. Love the place which gives you the privacy to exercise and burning calories at a short 30mins! Highly recommended!

Agnes Thing

It’s a hidden gem! Great location near MRT. Convenient for me as I do not drive. I also like the private access, it really feels like home. Agnes is very friendly, knowledegeable and encouraging. I learnt and understand better with her explanations on how to work on some poses properly and safely. I have gained more confidence in myself, for a person who does not exercise much and has not done yoga before. Their unique 7RS approach which explains about how we can practise and take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our families, be of purpose and value to the society. This is what I am in line with. Parents should send their daughters to Active Hive to gain such knowledge so they can handle their growing up issue’s physically and mentally.

Sal Sim

I usually feel pressured or stressed working out in typical gyms – but Active Hive’s place provided a cosy, non-stressful and private ambience for me to exercise (it is a ladies only environment)! I tried out a Minus Calories session – and felt amazed as the workout had me sweating only 5 minutes in. The next day, I didn’t experience any muscle aches as well as I hadn’t exercised in awhile (sedentary). I am amazed and will return for more sessions!

Heidi Lee

Love Active Hive’s environment as it is clean, quiet and private. I feel very calm and peaceful. So much needed because I am a full time mum to an infant and a toddler. I love this quiet moment all to myself.

The Minus Calories workout machine has helped me few years back with my eating disorder condition. It has given me a peace of mind and subsequently I got better and recovering really well. Thank you for helping me !

As a full-time mother now, time is very limited. I could only work out for 1 hour on Saturday or Sunday when my kids are sleeping with their dad. For me I need efficiency! Activehive is great as I can cardio on the treadmill with the help with near infrared light.

Not only that the light helps me to burn fat 5-10 times faster, it also helps with skin layer and cell regeneration for my eczema skin. I feel very relaxed after the workout. I love it and looking forward to the next one.

Lady boss is very nice and knowledgeable. I like that she don’t focus just on fat burn but she also look into my sleep pattern, daily routine to help me improve my overall health!

Would love to come back again!

Jasmine Neo

Came with my wife and attended the Couple’s Yoga session… experience was good as my wife was an intermediate Yogi whilst I am a beginner and thus Agnes provided a tailored teaching experience according to each’s ability and skills. Agnes also shared alot of info and knowledge regarding Yoga, very genuine and passionate.

It was a comfy and private session with just me, my wife and Agnes. Thank you, I look forward to visiting Active Hive with my wife again !

MK Lee

I love the place which is cosy and has the privacy to exercise and burn calories, at the same time watch drama.. which to keep me motivated and keep moving… Agnes is a patient and nice lady who actually guide me through step-by-step in yoga as well. Highly recommended to try out!

Yvonne Teong

The whole experience is very comfortable as Agnes is very friendly and helpful yet gives you the privacy you need. I like that I can exercise at my own pace and yet know that I’m burning calories every minute since the lights are making my muscles warmed up. Location is good too, just about 5mins walk from the train station. I will be back for more sessions.

Chloe Chen

Active Hive Wellness is a great way to warm my body before starting the yoga session. Today attended the session with a stiff neck. Agnes personally coached me thinking of the different yoga move to improve on my condition. Thank you so much. Greatly recommended for a trial.

Lindsay Lee

Makura pillow is so comfortable to sleep on and the workouts are so really so good. For those who goes to the gym, I highly recommend this place. I don’t go gym as it’s no privacy and all can see what you doing. But in this place you have a room to yourself and can watch videos while doing your workout.

Goh ST

Recently got to try the Makura Pillow and my sleep has never been so undisrupted. Even got one for my dad and he says he has amazing sleep now!

Sheila Lee

Perfect exercise for those who don’t have the time. I am able to burn much more calories in just 45 minutes and the near infrared rays made me perspire alot.

Jacqueline Koh

Makura Pillow is so good for the back support and for body blood circulation. Beside using it for sleeping, I also use it for my sitting position to rest on sofa / chair. Now my shoulder and hands are less painful.

I also got one Makura Pillow for my mum too. The price is worth to pay for our beloved one. Especially for the old folk to let them sleep soundly.

Poh Leng

Perfect exercise for people like me! I am a kidney transplant patient, and cannot do much or heavy exercise, love the infrared rays, it made me perspire alot too. And one thing for sure ~my injured foot improve alot. Thank you Active Hive.

Eileen Chua

How awesome it is to enjoy a customised workout in your own private space! The infrared lights sure helped me to sweat more and burn more calories!

Tracy Wong