The results of before and after tell it all. In June 2016, I was 52kg, having 25.6% of body fat and a metabolic age of 28. But, a month later, after completing the 5 trial sessions, I weigh 50kg, having 24.3% of body fat and am back to metabolic age of 26.
Jenn Lee, Blogger Mom
Active Hive Minus Calories Workout is perfect for busy people who are looking for a personalised, customised programme and have no time to go for exercise classes or spend long hours in the gym. It is effective and you can see significant results after a few sessions. Active Hive Minus Calories Workout is perfect for busy people who are looking for a personalised, customised programme and have no time to go for exercise classes or spend long hours in the gym. It is effective and you can see significant results after just 5 sessions – I lost two inches on my hips, one inch on my right thigh and 1.8 inches on the left thigh and 0.5 inch on each arm.
Jennifer Yeo, Lifestyle Blogger
It may be called a fitness regime but it felt more like a fitness getaway to me. I felt that I could breathe easily with the ionized air, and the heat helped me to sweat a lot more which always feels good during a workout. It was relaxing and enjoyable, and on top of that my stamina continuously improved and I also saw that my waist was smaller and my legs were more toned after 5 sessions.
Cassandra Rudge, 938 LIVE Radio Personality & Emcee
I had a really incredible time pushing my limits throughout my sessions – I absolutely felt no soreness nor any lactic acid build-up.
Elizabeth Kao, Blogger Mom
It was encouraging to see the number of calories burned increasing as I went through each session. After 5 sessions in two weeks, my hip and thigh measurements decreased by one and two inches respectively
Mellissa Ang, Writer
Before trying this workout I used to feel lethargic all the time, but now I feel much more energized. I like the privacy of the setting and the refreshing feeling after each workout. It’s a lot more effective compared to other workouts – within 30minutes I burn a few times more calories than other workouts. I also don’t feel breathless and it makes me want to go on for an hour or more to burn more calories.
Lynda Chan, Project Coordinator
One thing I liked about the machine was that it allowed me to perspire a lot in 30 minutes so you can detox really quickly and you don’t have to commit a full hour or more in the gym. The infrared rays really intrigued me, because it targets the lower half of the torso so it targets our problem areas. It is not just detoxing, increasing stamina and fitness level, it also helps to shape your body which a lot of other machines don’t deal with. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a quick workout between 30 to 45 minutes in a conducive environment. The best part is that it’s a lot better than a gym membership where you have to keep paying even if you don’t go.
Florinda Tay, Blogger Mom
I share the same beliefs as Active Hive in that they advocate right nutrition through making better choices of quality food along with juicing. Also, Minus Calories uses the elliptical machine which is kind to my knees and I don’t feel the soreness on my legs even though I have burnt so many calories. On the contrary, I feel good and refreshed after each session and all ready to assume my responsibilities when I get back home. In two and a half weeks, I lost an inch both at the waist and hip but more importantly, my muscle mass has increased which is what I wanted. It’s a time-saver as I don’t have to spend too long on the exercise and yet yield maximum results.
Lynn Lee, Blogger Mom
“No pain no gain”? Ditch this old sentence. I gained with no pain, no ache, no pant, no breathlessness with Minus Calories while burning 5X more calories than normal exercise.
Susan Wong, Blogger
The good thing about Active Hive Minus Calories 30 minute workout is that I do not feel any muscle ache the next day after working out. Plus, I sleep better after my workouts at Active Hive.

Patricia Tee, Blogger
One of the best ways to relieve stress and also work out at the same time!
Kelynn Nai, Blogger Mom
I never once felt muscle aches or discomfort after my workouts at Active Hive. I always perspired a lot and after a few sessions I realized that my endurance improved and I was more agile in my daily activities.
Yvonne Sim, Blogger
I almost fainted the first time I tried the workout, but instead of being freaked out by it I realized that my health was in the red and I wanted to work on my weight so I went back the next day to try it again. I managed to complete the 30 minutes workout and after that I felt so much more energized, and finally had a good night’s sleep after so long, thanks to the excellent effects of the unique technology. I feel very comfortable when I’m at Active Hive as the team is always very inviting and I love the juice that they serve!
Gwyneth Kua, F&B General Manager
“I’ve searched for many methods to lose weight, because I have had a really hard time trying to lose weight no matter what I do. After my first trial I immediately wanted to sign up for more sessions because of how energized I was. I feel a lot lighter after each workout and don’t tire as easily as I used to. I have not been able to burn as many calories in other workouts and exercises as I can during the Minus Calories workout over a long period of time and I can’t wait for my friends to start their regime here as well to reap these benefits!
Dianne Joy Agudilla, F&B Operations
(On the workout) I started out tentatively at first. just plodding along, waiting for the burn to come. And you know what, the pain never came. With that I got more confident that I could do it. Perspiration was pouring, 10min into it, yet I’d never felt stronger.
Grace Heng, Fitness Blogger
Overall, my weight still remains about the same but my thighs and arms have slimmed down by 2 inches. I guess the anti-cellulite cream does really help! During this period of time, I limit my gym workout sessions and eat as per normal. But I guess the greatest impact here is the increment in my basal metabolic rate which meant my body can burn off more energy than it used to be.
Deenise Yang, Blogger