Testimonial by Dr. Kuldeep

I had the pleasure of teaching yoga to Ms Agnes for about three years. On day one, she struggled a lot to perform even the simplest yoga techniques due to her health conditions like neck pain and stiff body. From the first day of her class, Agnes has impressed me with her passion, commitment, hard work and discipline.

She has been very regular and active not only in her yoga practice but also on social media, posting her day-to-day progress, and that has really impressed many colleagues, friends, her family and me.

Through consistent practice, she has overcome her health conditions, fear and difficulties in attempting yoga poses.

I know how difficult it is for someone to start yogasana practice in the age of 50. However, having steady, regular, long-term practice in a right direction can help one achieve anything in life. We always say, ‘age is just a number’, ‘never stop learning’, and Ms Agnes is an advocate of all these as she is always keen to learn and relearn. She has completed diverse yoga courses and continues to do so. This makes her a qualified yoga teacher.

Apart from her growth in yoga, she is indeed a wonderful, humble and caring lady. I’ve witnessed that all colleagues and classmates enjoy her company.

With her passion in yoga, I am sure she will sincerely assist many people with her yoga expertise, experience and enthusiasm, sharing her benefits with many others.

I’ve no hesitation in recommending her for yoga teaching to anyone who would like to kickstart his/her yoga journey.

I wish her all good for her yoga journey!

Dr. Kuldeep (Unika Yoga and Therapy)