Tracy Wong

How awesome it is to enjoy a customised workout in your own private space! The infrared lights sure helped me to sweat more and burn more calories!

Eileen Chua

Perfect exercise for people like me! I am a kidney transplant patient, and cannot do much or heavy exercise, love the infrared rays, it made me perspire alot too. And one thing for sure ~my injured foot improve alot. Thank you Active Hive.

Poh Leng

Makura Pillow is so good for the back support and for body blood circulation. Beside using it for sleeping, I also use it for my sitting position to rest on sofa / chair. Now my shoulder and hands are less painful. I also got one Makura Pillow for my mum too. The price is worth …

Jacqueline Koh

Perfect exercise for those who don’t have the time. I am able to burn much more calories in just 45 minutes and the near infrared rays made me perspire alot.

Sheila Lee

Recently got to try the Makura Pillow and my sleep has never been so undisrupted. Even got one for my dad and he says he has amazing sleep now!

Goh ST

Makura pillow is so comfortable to sleep on and the workouts are so really so good. For those who goes to the gym, I highly recommend this place. I don’t go gym as it’s no privacy and all can see what you doing. But in this place you have a room to yourself and can …

Lindsay Lee

Active Hive Wellness is a great way to warm my body before starting the yoga session. Today attended the session with a stiff neck. Agnes personally coached me thinking of the different yoga move to improve on my condition. Thank you so much. Greatly recommended for a trial.

Chloe Chen

The whole experience is very comfortable as Agnes is very friendly and helpful yet gives you the privacy you need. I like that I can exercise at my own pace and yet know that I’m burning calories every minute since the lights are making my muscles warmed up. Location is good too, just about 5mins …

Yvonne Teong

I love the place which is cosy and has the privacy to exercise and burn calories, at the same time watch drama.. which to keep me motivated and keep moving… Agnes is a patient and nice lady who actually guide me through step-by-step in yoga as well. Highly recommended to try out!

MK Lee

Came with my wife and attended the Couple’s Yoga session… experience was good as my wife was an intermediate Yogi whilst I am a beginner and thus Agnes provided a tailored teaching experience according to each’s ability and skills. Agnes also shared alot of info and knowledge regarding Yoga, very genuine and passionate. It was …