Product Description

VIP Members Unlimited Package 30 min with Body-Firming Cream (6 Months) $2088, Monthly $348 INTEREST-FREE

Get VIP Unlimited Daily Access for 6 months (Only $11 per session!)

$348 x 6 monthly instalments, interest-free.

  • Entitled to Free Body Composition Analysis after very 5 sessions, worth $28 per session.
  • Great savings, value-for money!

Most effective Fat-burning Detox Workout.

Monthly instalments at : $348 per month

(Monthly billing)

– Burn up to 500 calories in 30 mins
– Reduce fat percent and get fitter and healthier
– Improve blood circulation
– Improve metabolism
– Anti-ageing
– Increase muscle mass
– Strengthen bones and joints
– Pain relief tor body aches
– Stimulate collagen production
– Firm up belly/tummy
– Get rid or reduce cellulite with body firming
– No muscle soreness due to our technologies
– No breathlessness but instead great improvement in stamina

You will feel more energetic and younger.

Suitable for from age 10 and above.

*Not suitable for pregnant ladies and those with implants in the body. 

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NOTE: You will only gain PIN access upon monthly instalment received. We will send you the notification via email and Whatsapp. PIN access will be de-activated when payment is not received. Limited to only 1 entry per day.