Minus Calories NIR FatBURN 30mins Workout (Student’s Trial Price)


Minus Calories NIR FatBURN 30mins Workout Trial Session

  • For female students age 12  to 20 years old  only.
  • Students below age of 18 years old to get parental consent.  Parents can come along during the workout session for a better understanding.
  • Not suitable for pregnant ladies or those with body implants from lower body
  • Please ensure you have some light carbs at least 1 hour before Minus Calories NIR Workout
  • Opt for Full Payment at Discounted Rate or Monthly Interest-Free Instalments for our packages
  • A customised program will be tailored to suit your needs and workout objectives
  • Option to top up additional 30mins workout  or add-on 30min on 2nd NIR workout equipment for maximum results.
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Additional information

Per session

$25 for 30mins


No Top-up, $20 for add 30mins, $23 for 2nd NIR Workout Machine 30mins


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