Buddy Yoga 60mins Package (12/24/36 sessions)


Buddy Yoga 60mins Package

Enjoy a customised yet rejuvenating yoga session catering to you and your buddy, partner or spouse in complete privacy at our studio.

You will receive our exclusive, complimentary Minus Calories NIR workout with each package you sign up to experience a Total Wellness and Healing Programme.

Why take Personal Yoga Sessions?

  1. More focus on your personal goals and need with dedicated attention given.
  2. Cater to your pace, capabilities, limitations and time availability.
  3. Safety and reduce risk of possible injuries with proper alignment and adjustments.
  4. Gain more confidence.
  5. Preparation for group class.
  • 12X Buddy Personal Yoga Package  – Free 3X Minus Calories NIR Workout 30min per student  (worth $114 each)
  • 24X Buddy Personal Yoga Package  – Free 7X Minus Calories NIR Workout 30mins per student  (worth $266 each)
  • 36X Buddy Personal Yoga Package  – Free 9X Minus Calories NIR Workout 30mins per student  (worth $342 each)

*10% discount off packages for teenagers (10 to 18years old) and seniors (60 years and above). Check with us for the exclusive discount.



Buddy Yoga 60mins Package

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No. of sessions

6 sessions, 12 sessions, 24 sessions, 36 sessions


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