Personal/Buddy Yoga

Enjoy a private one-to-one personal yoga session or you can also sign up for two persons!

Choose from our various packages available starting from 12 sessions to experience what it is like to have a personal yoga session with our qualified instructors.

You will receive our exclusive, complimentary Minus Calories NIR workout sessions with each package you sign up to experience a Total Wellness and Healing Programme.   Or opt for extra yoga sessions instead.

Why take Personal Yoga Sessions?

  1. More focus on your personal goals and need with dedicated attention given.
  2. Cater to your pace, capabilities, limitations and time availability.
  3. Safety and reduce risk of possible injuries with proper alignment and adjustments.
  4. Gain more confidence.
  5. Preparation for group class.

Learn and bond together, plus save on the cost with our Buddy Yoga rates. Sign up for a comprehensive package and even top up with our Minus Calories NIR Detox Workout, an excellent warm up for you before you start yoga. Book now!