Minus Calories Workout caters to ladies only who prefer exclusivity and to avoid crowds in other wellness or fitness places.

All workouts are by appointment only, thus ensuring that your slot is reserved for you and there is no waiting time.  Ladies can workout in peace and enjoy the session catching up on their favourite movies.  We also have customised programs for ladies at different stages of their needs.  Especially if they face issues of being overweight, experience fatigue,  have cellulite issues, sagging skin or a lack of energy.  And it is the best workout regime for brides getting married!

We also cater to the underweight and those facing eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, etc, to help them get back in balance and regain confidence in themselves.

We have helped many female clients regained their stamina, restore their overall health and fitness level, lower body weight and fat percentage.

Thereafter,  they were then able to proceed to pursue other sports or exercise of their interest without risking any possible injuries.

Contact us NOW, Whatsapp 9236 4678 for a trial workout session.