Fees & Packages

Explore our fees and packages to find the perfect fit for your needs. We offer a range of options designed to cater to various preferences and requirements. Discover the ideal plan that aligns with your goals, budget and time availability for your personal wellness, healing and transformation journey. You get the most personalised attention with our customised service and small group size of 6 to 9pax maximum. (6 pax for prenatal and postnatal yoga classes)

Rest assured, there’s no need to concern yourself with package or access expiration at our wellness studio. Your packages have no expiry date. If you find yourself overseas or encounter other valid reasons, we are more than happy to extend your sessions or duration. We understand the demands of hectic work or family life and extend this flexibility to support all our clients and students on their journey with us. We trust that you know what suits you best, and the decision regarding your time availability is entirely yours to make.

Group Yoga and Fitness Classes Packages

Select from a diverse range of over 50 thoughtfully structured yoga and fitness classes. Choose from session packages of 10, 20, 40, or 60, and unlock additional benefits and savings by enrolling in more sessions. Check out the schedule here.

Pay-Per-Session $33
5 Classes $158. UP $256
10 Classes $308 UP $576
20 Classes $568 UP $1152
40 Classes $1108 UP $2208
60 Classes $1508 UP$3264

Minus Calories Near-Infra Red Detox Workout Packages

Explore the option of 30-minute or 60-minute sessions and select from packages of 10, 20, 40, or 60 sessions. Unlock additional perks of 1-to-1 personal. yoga class and enjoy greater savings when you choose to purchase more sessions!

Unlimited Access Packages – Group Yoga and Fitness Classes (Max 9 pax)

Gain unlimited access to as many classes as you can to stretch you limits and potential. We have more than 50 structured classes and we will advise you on suitable classes based on your Foundational 6 Assessment results, age and health condition. Opt for 6 months or 12 months daily access. A structured wellness programme, therapies or classes will be recommended to you with a focus on injury-prevention and pain-free training.
(Limited to 1 class per day.)

Unlimited Access Packages – Minus Calories Near Infra-Red Detox Workout

Get your unlimited access for our proprietary Minus Calories Near Infra-Red Detox Workout. Achieve more i less time with this time-saving workout. Opt for 6 months or 12 months daily access. Additionally, revel in the benefits of 1-to-1 Personal Yoga classes, and enjoy extra savings with the 12-month access option!
(Limited to 1 workout per day)

Premium Unlimited Access & Best Value Packages

Experience the ultimate value for comprehensive healing, wellness, and fitness! Our bundled packages provide unmatched savings for those dedicated to a holistic wellness and fitness journey. With a selection of over 50 classes and unrestricted use of Minus Calories equipment, you can customize your program to fit your needs. Choose between 6 months or 12 months packages and receive additional benefits like exclusive 1-to-1 Personal Yoga sessions.
(Limited to 1 workout or 1 class per day)

Prenatal & Postnatal 1-to-1 Yoga Classes Packages

Immerse yourself in personalised care through our exclusive 1-to-1 prenatal and postnatal classes, where you’ll receive individualised attention. Crafted to meet the distinct needs of both mother and baby, these sessions guarantee optimal well-being. Your partner is welcome to join at a special rate, enriching the shared experience. Your privacy is paramount, and we ensure a cozy and intimate setting for these special moments on your wellness journey. In addition, our classes offer guidance on learning appropriate postures or asanas suitable for each trimester, as well as the most important poses to avoid. In our 1-to-1 postnatal sessions, you have the option to bring along your baby, creating a nurturing environment for both of you.

Prenatal & Postnatal Group Yoga Classes Packages (Max 6 pax)

Embark on a holistic journey with our prenatal and postnatal yoga group classes. Connect with other moms, share experiences, and delve into the world of proper breathing techniques that not only enhance your well-being but also foster a deeper connection with your baby. Additionally, our classes provide guidance on appropriate postures or asanas tailored for each trimester, ensuring a safe and comfortable practice. Learn about the most important poses to avoid, empowering you with knowledge for a mindful and healthy pregnancy journey. Join us in creating a supportive community where wellness, connection, and informed practice thrive.