For those who are already athletic and fit, our workout programmes can be customized to your fitness levels and preferred intensity. Our indoors training will be best for you to build stamina, strength and endurance at your optimum level with clean ionized air and lots of health benefits of the Near Infra Red technologies in any weather conditions.

The combination Near Infra Red Light and Ionised air helps to enhance the whole workout experience. There will be no sore aches after the workout as the muscles are warmed up during the workout itself, clearing lactic acid at the same time (lactic acid is the main cause of muscle soreness). The body warms up in 3 mins compared to 30 minutes in a regular workout so that your workout is optimized.

Our Brand Ambassador, Jasmine Neo (Instagram: @jasminethecheerleader) is an athlete and champion cheerleader who simply loves our workout to complement her usual workout routine of cheerleading and gym.

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