Corporate Wellness

It is critical in this era to have a strong focus on employees’ well-being and employees’ retention, to ensure the company has the right, healthy talents for better productivity and efficiency in their work.

Special rates can be arranged for companies for:

  • Minus Calories NIR Detox Workout Programme
  • Yoga and Yoga Therapy sessions
  • Wellness and Yoga Talks
  • Yoga and Team-building Retreats
  • Craft Therapy Workshops

Not just their physical wellness, but also mental wellness is an important area to look into.  Our 7Rs wellness programme has been established since 2014 to assist our clients and companies to keep their health and wellness in check through lifestyle, habits changes, change in mindset positively and start getting active while balancing work, family along with getting sufficient sleep and nutrition.

Our quick, time-saving 30mins Minus Calories Near-Infra Red Workout is the ideal solution for busy employees and employers as well, to achieve their desired results, with less effort, and has helped many of our clients to regain their stamina, stay energised for the work week.

Combined with our personalised yoga sessions be it for the individual (one-to-one), buddy yoga or group yoga classes, your employees can be recharged and get to learn yoga techniques to destress, relieve tensions in the body especially for desk-bound staff who spent long hours sitting down or working on their computers.

Sitting down for long hours in a particular position can lead to long-term pain in particular parts of the body, reduced muscle strength, poor blood circulation and heighten the possible risk of cardiac arrest.

Health and wellness talks can also be arranged at your premises or our studio to provide necessary health and wellness education to your employees.

Whether it’s the physical health or mental health of your employees that needs to be looked after, we will be most happy to customised a wellness program that works for your needs.

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