Coach & Rehab Specialist – Sufian

With over a decade of experience as a certified exercise professional, including more than 5 years of clinical practice, Coach & Rehab Specialist, Sufian brings a diverse skill set to the table. His extensive background involves collaborating with physiotherapists to develop rehab programs, guiding schools and corporate recreation clubs on active lifestyles and weight management initiatives, and providing top-notch medical sports coverage for elite teams, events, and competitions.

What sets Sufian apart is his specialisation in Pain-Free techniques, holding certifications as a:
✅ Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist, PPSC
✅ Certified Pain-Free Mobility Specialist, PPSC
✅ Certified Personal Trainer, ACE (since 2013)
✅ Certified NeuroKinetic Therapist, NKT
✅ Certified BioMechanics Trainer

Coach Sufian is on board to level up our wellness service and classes as part of our “Restart Your Wellness” Programme. It is very important to have this physical fitness/functional assessment before you start any physical exercises or yoga class, so that you can “RTP” which means “Return To Performance” or “Return to Play”. Classes are specialised and unique at Active Hive. Choose from the following:

  • Foundational 6 Functional Fitness
  • Bands, Blocks and Bodyweight Training
  • Upper Body Basics Training
  • Lower Body Basics Training
  • Elder FIT

Or book a personal consultation or private training with Coach Sufian.

Get ready to elevate your fitness and wellness journey with his wealth of expertise, a perfection addition to our wellness education platform with a fusion between sports/fitness and yoga!

Check out his weekly schedule and book his classes now!