Basics of Back Bend

Get to the basics of backbends in this class. This class is tailored for first-timers and beginner and introduces the art of bending backward, with a keen focus on safety, awareness, and foundational techniques.

Throughout the session, you’ll explore the specific muscle groups engaged in backbends, work through drills and poses aimed at developing arm strength, core stability, and flexibility—key elements for mastering basic backbends. The class is thoughtfully crafted for newcomers, ensuring a supportive and accessible environment.

Through proper breathing techniques and heightened body awareness, you’ll acquire the skills to safely and effectively perform classic backbends like the camel and wheel pose.

Our approach places emphasis on healing, energy restoration, and tension relief before delving into our other advanced postures classes. With our expertise, you’ll be led through a practice that encourages awareness and safety, fostering a deeper connection to your body.