Back Bending Sequence

A class led by our Lead Yoga Instructor who has completed more than 1300 hours of Yoga Training. This session involves the practice of drills that helps in the safe practice of deep backbends without causing any injuries.

For practitioners of all levels: beginners who has fair flexibility, intermediate and advanced

Benefits: It helps bring the body back in balance. Backbends helps to strengthen the back, shoulders, chest and hips. It also helps lengthen the spine, and improves the postures too. It helps relieve tension, tightness and pain. Psychologically it helps boost confidence, reduces anxiety and can help in curing sleep disorders.

Note: For those who are having stiff neck, shoulders and back, please consult us to advise appropriate classes for you. We would recommend you to attend the following classes first before proceeding to this Back Bend Sequence:

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Tension release Class
  • Body Tension Reduction & Flexibility Class
  • Basics of Back Bend