Athletes’ Indoor Training

Our Minus Calories Near Infra-Red Regime simulates a outdoor training. With aided Near Infra-red light, the body is warmed up in 5 to 10 mins, allowing you to start burning fat and calories at the same time. In normal exercises, your body needs about 20 to 30 mins to warmup and this process is slower. Fat and calories burnt is speed up during this session, so it is time-saving and less effort involved, yet helping you to build your stamina.

The regime can be programmed to suit your comfortable and stamina level.

It is also perfect to train indoors during wet or extremely hot weather conditions. Our air-con temperature is also maintained at about 25 to 27 degrees and not to cold so that the body remains warm and blood circulation does not slow down.

A cold environment will only cause blood circulation to slow down after the process which is a waste of effort and energy and worst, it makes the body susceptible to cold and chills, resulting in future rhuematism and joint pains unnecessarily. Please keep your body warm at all times.

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