Arms & Shoulder Strength Yoga

The session involves the practice of drills that strengthen the arms, core and upper body. The regular practice of these drills gives the practitioner the confidence to attempt inversion postures and other arm balancing postures. Well-developed arm and shoulder muscles can help prevent injuries. Strong rotator cuff muscles, for example, contribute to shoulder stability and reduce the risk of injuries in sports or daily activities.

Strong shoulders and arms can enhance your overall balance, especially in yoga and activities that require body stability.

Arm and shoulder strength can improve your ability to be self-reliant and maintain independence as you age. It helps with tasks like getting up from a chair, opening doors, and carrying groceries.

For practitioners of all levels: Beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners

Benefits: Practice of inversions helps the blood flow against the gravity which is great for the overall circulation of the body. The arm balancing postures help to strengthen the arms & core and gives a better understanding of the system. Also beneficial for issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, hormonal imbalances etc