Group Yoga & Fitness Class Schedule

Sign up for our niche, cozy Group Yoga Classes at Active Hive in our peaceful ambience! Limited to maximum 9 pax. Attention given to all students as much as we could and variations provided to suit individual body conditions/limitations, to ensure safe practice.

Classes are subjected to changes. Please Whatsapp 9236 4678 to reserve your slots.

For Group Yoga & Fitness classes, Pay-Per-Session is $33 or purchase or packages to enjoy great savings!

Prenatal and Postnatal Classes are specially catered to only 6 pax maximum. Check out the packages here.

1-to-1 or Buddy Consultation is recommended for Foundational 6 Assessment to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses as part of our “Restart Your Wellness” Programme to ensure your safe journey as you progress with us or in other sports. If there are existing pain, muscle strain, stiffness, injuries or surgeries, we strongly recommend you to consult us for both Foundational 6 Assessment and Yoga Therapy.

Class Schedule updated as at 2 April 2024

For home or corporate group yoga, individual rates apply and discounts given depending on number of pax per session and number of sessions.

Conducted by our qualified instructors and specialists, choose from our niche yoga and fitness classes that focuses on flexibility, strength, core training, for ladies especially those experiencing perimenopause/menopause.

Our classes are suitable for beginners to intermediate level.

Each class can be tailored to each student’s need as much as we can as we provide poses and movement variations suitable to the person’s needs and capabilities, so that you do not have to worry about not being able to perform certain yoga poses or fitness workout/movements.  You just need to start somewhere and keep on moving and working  on it, safely and most importantly enjoy the process, enjoy your journey with us.