Active Hive Franchise / Investment Opportunity

The Ultimate Wellness & Fitness Business

ACTIVE HIVE’s unique 7Rs concept is totally new and innovative, harnessing the global appeal of the popular Active Hive and Minus Calories brand with everything wellness and fitness enthusiasts want.ACTIVE HIVE is a Singapore trademark managed by AT Marketing Consultancy based in Singapore where the team’s Research and Development team has been working to constantly develop new, and innovative products.  The company’s philosophy is to create a worldwide phenomenon in solving the global obesity and health issues.

Why invest in ACTIVE HIVE?

  • ACTIVE HIVE is the only wellness studio that provides sustainable, effective solutions for weight loss, fitness and health with the use of technology and a wholesome wellness and diet plan.
  • It is a UNIQUE brand name that speaks loudly about the brand directions that people will be able to relate to instantly.
  • MINUS CALORIES is an innovative method to burn calories faster.
  • Low start-up with full automation
  • No hiring of staff is required.

ACTIVE HIVE has begun to revolutionise the fitness industry with the introduction of innovative cutting-edge technology for sports, fitness and weight loss.

A unique combination of sport science, technology along with unparalleled customer experience, a new revolution has started and the standards set will eventually be brought to the region and all around the world.

ACTIVE HIVE is a unique brand namthat speaks volume of our business direction to help customers in improving their health and fitness through a series of fitness programs harnessing technologies that assist the burning of calories appropriately and at a greater speed, faster than any other exercise.  It is a unique concept that is results-proven, a healthier option compared to other methods, without any injections, crash diets or surgery.

By investing in ACTIVE HIVE, you are investing in your health and your family’s health as well.  You can help create a wave of change to your immediate loved ones.  With longer life span, health is the ultimate most important thing in everyone’s life, to live healthily so that one is able to enjoy life to the fullest.

The strong points of a ACTIVE HIVE business are:

  • ACTIVE HIVE is a strong brand
  • ACTIVE HIVE has international appeal
  • ACTIVE HIVE has consistently hi-tech, advanced products and services
  • Superiority and exclusivity over competition
  • Backed by AT Marketing Consultancy with more than 18 years of industry experience in marketing, PR and business development team.

Franchisees/investors also benefit from recurring revenue from quality merchandise sales that include wellness products providing the owner multiple revenue streams, many of which support customer retention, as well as the ability to maximise revenue per customer.

The ideal investor should be one who truly believes in ACTIVE HIVE’s concept of the 7Rs and has experienced the Minus Calories Experience so as to have the knowledge of how effective our workout.  He or she also shares our vision and mission strongly in wanting to help their family members, friends and clients to achieve wellness and fitness naturally and improve their quality of life.

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