Active Hive 7Rs Holistic Wellness Approach

Active Hive is a wellness and fitness platform which caters to clients who are concerned about their overall health and fitness, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.  

Our Unique 7Rs Holistic Wellness Approach

Being responsible for your own health to prevent illnesses and high medical costs.

Rgiht Exercise
Minus Calories Workout – the only workout you need!

Right Nutrition
You are what you eat, choose better quality wholesome and natural food.

Right Balance
Live life to the fullest.  Achieve the right balance in your lifestyle, family, friendship and work.  

Right Concentration 
Breath deeper for a better sense of purpose and focus. 

Get optimum rest and quality sleep for better health and  to boost immunity.

Right Effort
Your health is in your hands .   Results are evident with commitment to wellness. 

Why Minus Calories
Minus Calories as the name indicates means to reduce the calories in our body, burning fat effectively at the optimum fat-burning heart rate zone.   Minus Calories revolutionary 30-minute workout is available exclusively at Active Hive.   The uniqueness of this wonder workout as termed by Style Singapore magazine is the combination of Near Infra Red, Clean Ionized Air, Cardio Workout along with highly personalised service and privacy, most of the time one-to-one or in pairs for friends, siblings, families, or couples.

We understand each and every client’s requirements, needs and expectations and all workout programs will be tailored to suit as such, ensuring the whole Minus Calories Workout Experience is enjoyable and fulfilling.