womenworkoutFancy burning 500 to 1000 calories in 30 minutes?  That’s the promise behind “Minus Calories“, an elliptical workout pumped up with infrared rays and ionised air.

Just when you think fitness gurus have launched every conceivable workout in the market, something new comes along and piques your curiosity.  A fine example: “Minus Calories” at Active Hive, a lifestyle and wellness business.

Here’s how it works. Users step onto an elliptical trainer housed within an open chamber emitting NIR near infrared rays and ionised air. The NIR waves are said to improve blood circulation and metabolism and optimise absorption of the proprietary Minus Calories Anti-Cellulite and Body Sculpt Cream from Japan which is applied prior to the session. The heat warms up muscles quickly, reduces body aches and even has skin-firming benefits.  In addition, the ionised air supplies purified oxygen to increase energy levels and promote detoxification.

At the first session, participants are put through a quick Body Composition Analysis to find out their muscle mass, fat percentage, basal metabolic rate and bone mass among other health indicators.  After a quick chat with the wellness coach, the intensity of the workout is then tuned accordingly to one’s fitness level.

We find out more from Agnes Tay, founder of Active Hive who explains the transformative possibilities of Minus Calories.

Why did you decide to introduce the “Minus Calories” workout?

I have been searching for a weight loss solution for many years.  It has to be something that saves time yet provides a workout for the body.  My daughter and other family members were also facing weight issues, and other weight loss solutions did not seem to work.  Some of us experienced the yo-yo effect.  The “Minus Calories” workout effectively monitors calorie burn based on one’s age and health condition and by watching the heart-rate training zone, fat burn is achievable in the shortest amount of time.

“Minus Calories” is described as an “anti-ageing workout”. How is this so?

This workout has anti-ageing effects because it helps burn calories faster than other workouts with its unique combination of  near infra-red and ionised air technology.


The specific NIR wavelengths penetrate the body deeply and heat is dispersed across a greater area, not leading to any pain. It helps to expel 80 percent water and 20 percent toxins as compared to 97 percent water and three percent toxins in traditional saunas or other exercises. As a result, it boosts metabolism, improves blood circulation, relieves body aches and pains and increases the amount of perspiration where more fat molecules are being destroyed.

Other than looking more radiant and energised, this workout helps stimulate collagen production.  The anti-cellulite and body sculpting cream applied can also help firm the skin and even out skin tone. Plus, the ionised air supplies oxygen to rejuvenate skin cells on top of reducing insomnia and improving respiratory health.

What personal benefits have you experienced from the workout?

After birthing two kids and a period of inactivity due to work, the kilos were piling on. After starting on the workout, I lost about 5kg over five months.


Now I feel stronger, sleep better and have more stamina. The pain in my neck, shoulder, arms and knees has reduced greatly.

Are there any transformative stories you have seen among your clients?

Many! Many of them lost weight and felt more energetic. They become more positive and confident as a result of looking better. They feel in better control of their lives and changed unhealthy lifestyle habits.


Over here at Active Hive, we advocate not skipping meals, and to have a good nutritious breakfast in addition to including more vegetables, juices and natural foods in the diet.
Is “Minus Calories” suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels?

Minus Calories is suitable for people aged from 12 to 70.  Child obesity is an area we take seriously as it can affect one’s self-esteem, confidence and social skills.  That’s why it’s important to maintain a healthy weight from a young age. The workout is suitable for people of all fitness levels as the programme can be tailored to suit everyone. The workout is even great for athletes who wish to exercise indoors during hazy or rainy days. The workout is not suitable for pregnant women or those with implants or foreign substances in the body. A detailed list of who is suitable for the workout is available on our website too.

What can people expect from the first session of “Minus Calories”?

The usual experience is that the body feels lighter and relieved as tensions and body aches are reduced.  You feel better due to the endorphin rush from 30 minutes of the workout – something you may only feel from longer periods of running.  Many are surprised that they do not get aches or muscle sores because muscles are warmed by the infrared heat and there isn’t any pooling of lactic acid.  They also usually do not feel breathless.

How many sessions does it take to see weight loss results from “Minus Calories”?

It varies from person to person, but on average, you may see results in 10 to 20 sessions.  Ideally you should work out for three to four times a week. Of course, the results will be enhanced with healthier food options, lots of water, sufficient sleep and a positive mindset.

Can you describe the workout in three words?

Quick, effective, sustainable.



The above interview was published in Guardian’s Health & Beauty magazine in 2015.