Active Hive is a lifestyle and wellness brand that offers innovative fitness and complementary services to enhance the quality of your life with its high-tech workouts, wellness and lifestyle products and services. Maintaining your fitness and health should be a lifestyle, and not a chore. Minus Calories, the quick effective fat-burning workout offered by Active Hive will aid you in becoming fitter, further complemented by other wellness services.


A 30 minute workout that incorporates innovative technology to intensify your rate of fat burning and improve your fitness, it optimises calories reduction, burning calories more than 5 times faster than your normal workouts or weight loss methods – up to 1000 calories in 30 minutes.


It specifically targets fat burning, detox, losing weight the healthy way. In addition, this amazing workout helps to tone and firm your body. It further strengthens your calf muscles, thighs and buttocks, making them shapely and firmer.


A session lasting 30 minutes Minus Calories is equivalent to around 2 hours of gym or aerobic exercise.
Clients on customized programs can even burn up to 2000 calories in one session (*timing subject to individual’s level of fitness). It is ideal for anyone who wants to increase his or her fitness and wellness. The targeted 3 stage regime that Active Hive advocates is to raise, train and sustain, increasing the efficacy of the workout.




The workout is not overly tedious and is easily suited to both males and females. Based on your fitness level, your workout is prepared and adjusted accordingly so that you will feel comfortable yet gradually becoming fitter and stronger. The workout is suited for all body types and is also beneficial for rehabilitation or sports recovery.


Minus Calories is suitable for people of various age groups, from teenagers, adults, post-pregnancy and even senior citizens. At Active Hive, we believe in the 7Rs – Responsible, Right Exercise, Right Nutrition, Right Balance, Right Concentration, Rest and Right Effort. The Minus Calories workout is suitable for anyone who desires a healthy, toned and fit body and is Responsible enough to put in the appropriate effort.


You can achieve more results in a shorter period of time, losing unwanted weight in an ideal and safe manner, by incorporating the Right Exercise with our modern technology. The key point is NO EXTREME DIETING is needed. Yes! At Active Hive, we advocate the Right Nutrition habits and encourage everyone to make better choices of quality food along with juicing. You can continue to enjoy your regular meals and will learn to make healthier options.


When the Right Balance between exercise and nutrition is achieved, it will enhance your lifestyle and fast track you to a better fitness level. The Right Concentration is also vital for you to understand your own body, allowing you to know the amount of Rest you require. With all of these incorporated into your mindset coupled with the Right Effort, it will not take long for you to improve your health and wellness by doing the Minus Calories workout. With fast and sustainable results, you can build up your stamina, strength, endurance, effectively burn fat, lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI.




Active Hive is located at: 65 Ubi Road 1 #02-88 Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408729
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Tel: 6384 2758 / 9236 4678



Every workout session is followed by juicing so that your body readily absorbs much needed nutrients after a good exercise. Cold-pressed juices are served fresh after every session, an absolutely rewarding perk after exercising!


At Active Hive, you can easily achieve your fitness goals and lead an active lifestyle, becoming strong
and fit physically and emotionally. We believe that with Health, Fitness and Wellness, the route to true Beauty and Style can be realised marvelously to achieve a balance to the mind, body and soul!
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