1-to-1 Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga Class

Immerse yourself in personalised care through our exclusive 1-to-1 prenatal and postnatal classes, where you’ll receive individualised attention. Crafted to meet the distinct needs of both mother and baby, these sessions guarantee optimal well-being. Your partner is welcome to join at a special rate, enriching the shared experience. Your privacy is paramount, and we ensure a cozy and intimate setting for these special moments on your wellness journey. In addition, our classes offer guidance on learning appropriate postures or asanas suitable for each trimester, as well as the most important poses to avoid. In our 1-to-1 postnatal sessions, you have the option to bring along your baby, creating a nurturing environment for both of you. Option to conduct the session at your home for convenience.

You can proceed onto 1-to-1 post-natal yoga classes after delivery utilising the same package.

Enjoy free sessions with purchase of the packages:

12 sessions – Free 2 Classes + 1X Minus Calories 30min Post-Natal Workout

24 sessions – Free 3 Classes + 2X Minus Calories 30min Post-Natal Workout

36 sessions – Free 4 Glasses + 3X Minus Calories 30min Post-Natal Workout

Minus Calories 30 mins Workout is most beneficial after pregnancy, to firm the body, detox, re-energised and eliminate excess body water.